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Pretend we are cannibals, and we wanted to fatten up 10 humans to eat for a big festival, what would we feed them?

Sugars, carbohydrates, breads, spaghetti, rice, every grain, from wheat to barley, we would use the cheapest foods possible to fatten them up. Plus, because sugar is addictive, and they, the animals in the cages, (humans) love sugar, they eat like gluttens, adding pounds, become lethargic, and docile, easy to manage, and slow in the head.

Don?t eat sugar or carbohydrates, fruit, etc.

I am excited because science, common sense, and experts are making money by telling the truth on YouTube. Soon, hopefully,  the tipping point will be reached, where people accept that 3 meals per day, with tons of grains, cereals, is for losers in the game of life.

Experts are a pain in the butt, they want to talk about logic, common sense, science, but seem to be emotionally incapable of addressing the core reasons, problems with health eating. --- Hey, we all know that cookies are bad for us, but we want to eat them, logic does not stop a person from eating cookies. Why? Because we are not super humans, with super willpower, we instead walk from temptation to temptations, wanting to eat what we want. Obviously when we observe the world population, the USA population, only 10 percent appear able to avoid the temptation to eat, fat is epidemic, and less than 2 percent actually exercise daily.  Then too boot, those with super metabolism people who believe they have willpower, and denigrate the fat people, while they eat like pigs.

The experts in this video book, are the same, they propose extremely logical arguments, and seldom, almost never address how to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. If one is to be logical, we must also include the fact, that humans are emotionally illogical, and want to enjoy the rush of good food.

If I was super rich, I would make one decision, send my assistant to the supermarket to buy all the best foods in this small book. Whereby,  I could totally avoid seeing temptation, totally avoid the tempting foods in supermarkets; keep my mind from geting confused. The one decision would be all the willpower I would need to muster. And, in a perfect world, all my friends that ask me to lunch, dinner, would eat Keto, and just be returning from the gym. That is not real life, we are surrounded by people who eat all day, and seldom exercise, then if they do exercise, reward themselves by eating poorly. The super healthy are rare, maybe 1 in 100.

People who believe they have the willpower over temptations are the problem, a smart person does not lead themselves into temptation, only a silly person sits around with temptation in front of themselves. They truly want to eat badly, when they buy the bad foods, no excuses here, many people just do not care to eat healthy.

We live in a real world, where we have friends, often overweight, often mocking us if we are too serious about our health when sharing about exercise, or eating healthy. Truly, the fat people, the unhealthy eaters don?t want us to succeed, it would just make them look worse by comparison.

Rule number 1 

-- Never, ever tell a person you are eating healthy, the wrath of the sugar addicts is not fun, they will infer you are an idiot, in 100?s of clever ways. Fat, miserable people do not want to be alone, hang around people who you want to be like; and do not discuss goals with people who do not have the same goals. Do not for a second believe you can fight off public opinion.  Just say no, do not participate.

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