Read Preface KETO 10


How to use this book, under each food group is approximately 10 easy to buy foods, from best, to worst. The goal is to only eat foods from the list of 10 foods. Simple, this is your list of foods that are acceptable? only buy these 10 foods, we can keep it simple, this is your short list of foods to eat.?

Cruciferous vegetables, super healthy, but boring to me, but maybe you like them, they cannot do much harm. Sugar is the enemy, so there are only 5 fruits, because a great way to fatten up a human.?

For inspiration, there are 5-10 videos from the experts, explaining common sense, science, to justify, help you understand how I made this short list of ideal foods.

Please remember, it is listed from best foods, to worst. The ones at the top is what to eat the most.

Thank you, your friend, Andy Lee Graham