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Our Goal is to Eat Keto Foods

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Therefore, when you, or I go the super market we have to make choices; for example most fruits are full of sugar. When I enter the market, I want to know, from 1 to 10, which fruit is the best to eat, the number one choice, and which is the worst, the number 10 choice.

To use this app, you walk into the market, click on "Fruits" and you have a list from 1 to 10, showing the best at the top, a prioritized list from 1 to 10; and often, our favorite fruit is not even on the list.

You can so the same for meats, seed, condiments, etc.

I can hear you thinking...

I do not agree with your list of Keto 10.
Therefore, I have 5-10 videos you can watch on the subject, from a list of health experts, like Eric Berg, or Thomas DeLauer for to watch. So, maybe before you go buy fruit, you would watch all the video, subscribe to these experts channels; I suspect most of you already know these health experts.

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And, you still do not agree with the list of Keto 10.

At the end, there is a way for you to recommend a better list, better videos. Therefore, I want to thank you in advance, for your suggestions. With each suggestion, we will have good ideas, great videos, and this app will continue to improve. You do not need to do anything, in 6 months, 12 months, this app will continue to improve because of reader participation. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham.

Yet, again the goal is you buy the best Keto from a list of 10 foods in each categories.

The person who wants this app to work most is me, because I will use it every time I walk into the super market. I want buy Keto foods to be easy, because the foods I buy is the first step to becoming super healthy.

Note; we will be address other topics like fasting, GMO, and superfoods, but first things first, the goal is to keep buying Keto foods at the super market simple.

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Thank you,
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